Monday, April 12, 2010

Mailbox Monday 4/12

Happy Mailbox Monday! I had an awesome week. I hope everyone else did too! Here's the lowdown:

React 5 gum
Juicy Juice sippy cup
U from Kotex
Playtex Sport
Playtex Gentle Glide

Giveaway Wins
Strollaway (Thanks Jenna at A Mom's Balancing Act)!
Buttoned Up- Best Intention Coupon Book and 12 Greeting Card Stash (Thanks Mass Hole Mommy)!

Mailbox Monday brought to you by A Frugal Friend. Be sure to check out everyone's mailbox goodies by clicking on the box below.


  1. Great giveaway prizes! Way to go!!! Happy mailbox monday!

  2. Oh, I so could have used one of those stroller holders when I had to use a stroller....what a great idea! Happy Mailbox Monday!

  3. those giveaways. Are those actual greeting cards you won?

    Happy Mailbox Monday!

  4. Cool giveaway wins! I need to get back on that.
    Happy Mailbox Monday!

  5. Oh I love Buttoned Up!! Great week!